When is it Viable to Wear Compression Socks in Pregnancy?

The joy of bringing a new life into the world is unexplainable and every mommy-to-be can relate to these emotions. No words can do justice to the happiness a woman feels at that moment. As much as it's a joyous ride, it comes with its own share of challenges. 

On the one hand, your heart is filled with happiness and your face has that red glow; but on the other hand, you vomit, experience leg pains, swelling and whatnot. You instantly feel your nerves are getting attacked. In the midst of all, you experience a massive shift from being happy to feeling agitated. 

By the time you find a solution to handle your constant mood swings. All of a sudden, you see how your foot size gets varied from the first trimester itself. The increased foot size not just costs you bucks to buy a new foot collection but also invites difficulty in walking, swelling, and intense leg pain. 

Fret not! There is a promising solution and in this case, it happens to be compression stockings. They rightly fit pregnant women, ease their leg pain and help them sail through the painful moments smoothly. 

To know when to wear compression socks and how to choose the correct pair, stay with us till the end as we unfold many unheard mysteries of pregnancy socks.

There can be these two causes for your need to wear support stockings when you’re expecting a child:

  • Enlarged uterus: As the days pass by, your uterus tends to expand as you feel pressure on your legs. Usually, such pressure is not bearable and makes your legs all swelled up. Compression socks help you deal with that weight as it limits the pressure on your legs. 

  • Hormonal imbalance: Hormonal levels tend to fluctuate from the first trimester. Progesterone and estrogens are the highly produced hormones during pregnancy. These are responsible for vascularization which is a sensitive process of building blood vessels of the child growing inside your body. This is where wearing compression socks help to push the blood flow upwards which is exactly what you need at this time.

  • When to wear compression stockings?

    From the first trimester, you can start wearing compression socks. The best time to wear them is in the morning and take them off before you sleep to give your feet a nice breather during the night. 

    Though compression socks are breathable we’d recommend taking them off. However, to understand the time parameter of wearing compression stockings, we should first reflect some light on the conditions for which socks can be used so you feel healthy during pregnancy. Let’s have a look at them:

    • Sitting for a long time
    • Chronic dysfunction of the circulatory system
    • Due to dehydration
    • Swelling of feet
    • Building of blood clot in veins

    The intensity of these conditions varies from woman to woman but they happen to everyone. For instance, during the first trimester, you may experience red feet, swollen legs, and blood stagnation. No doubt, such unpleasant conditions call for support stockings. It is probably the best tool that not just takes care of you but your baby too. 

    Now, let's talk about their working mechanism. It is the elasticity of the compression stockings that matters. The elasticity puts pressure on the legs which push the blood clots to break and blood fluid to move upwards and also helps in decreasing the diameter of veins. 

    But, when not to wear compression socks? Well, yes, these socks may not be for you if you suffer from these conditions:

    • Suffering from chronic foot disease
    • Red patches on the skin
    • Feeling difficulty in walking
    • Socks are too tight

    How to choose the right fit?

    Finally, if you have made up your mind to buy compression stockings, then there are some crucial factors that we’d recommend you to keep in mind:

    • If your compression socks are too tight or loose, it means they are not up to their level. Because putting on too-tight compression socks can worsen your leg pain and swelling.
    • The different sizes of compression socks are knee-length, thigh length, over the calf, low cut, and below the knee. But, you can’t always be sure about sizing and length as every brand has its own sizes. 
    • Compression socks come in different levels and each level has its own use. The level of stockings is measured as mmHg. 

    In the end

    We hope that the information shared above helps you embrace the benefit your body feels after wearing compression stockings and that too, with a minimal investment. You can wear them at the start of the day and take them off as and when you want. 

    The best thing is these stockings don’t deprive you of experiencing the pleasures of pregnancy. Instead, it brings comfort and good health when you’re not at your best. Also, you can even style compression socks with your summer outfits and look like the diva that you are.

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