Sacroiliac Belt

Each trimester of a woman's pregnancy brings with it a significant deal of pain. This is because carrying a baby—or babies if you're carrying twins, triplets, or more—puts such a great deal of pressure on the body. A sacroiliac support belt is one of the greatest solutions to help alleviate this pressure and lessen pain. One cannot overstate how crucial it is to wear a sacroiliac belt during and, especially, after pregnancy. The ligaments loosen and stretch as a result of hormonal changes during pregnancy, allowing the pelvis to widen and facilitate birth. After birth, it's critical to maintain a tight grip on the sacroiliac and pubic joints to help the ligaments shrink and correctly realign the pelvis. The sacroiliac belt can help if you're trying to find relief from hip, pelvic, or sacroiliac joint pain while pregnant.

The Typical Pregnancy Pains:

Hip and back pain are the two types of pregnancy pain that women experience most frequently. How come this is the case? The sacroiliac joints are under a great deal of pressure, which is the cause of this. Near the base of the spine, there is a joint called the sacroiliac. It lies directly above the tailbone and just below the lumbar spine. The joint is known to be very strong despite being relatively small. The alteration in your body that occurs during pregnancy is what happens. Your hips will enlarge, and carrying your baby will add weight, which will place greater strain on your back. Your sacroiliac joints may be put under so much pressure as a result that they start to hurt severely.

Use a Sacroiliac Belt to Decrease Pain:

A sacroiliac belt for pregnancy is one of the greatest strategies to combat this pain. This amazing medical apparatus is essentially a belt that rests on the base of your spine. Despite being very little, it offers a lot of assistance. Your legs, hips, and back become much stronger as a result of wearing the belt. The pregnancy-related strain on the sacroiliac joints is relieved by support. The amount of agony you will experience will diminish as the pressure decreases. 

Because of how the belt will actually compress the joints, the pressure on the joints will be relieved. They are supported by compression rather than attempting to bear the weight alone. You'll do better in terms of pain management with the more support they have.

Sacroiliac belts have recently seen a tremendous lot of development. The new designs are hypoallergenic and very breathable. These fantastic belts are an excellent approach to combat pregnancy-related back, hip, and leg pain. Pregnancy is meant to be a joyful occasion. You are beginning a brand-new chapter of your life and welcoming a new baby into the world. Do not let the discomfort you experience as a result of your pregnancy steal away this joy. Check to see whether a sacroiliac belt for pregnancy will help you manage the discomfort as you go along.

What Existing Studies says about Using a Pregnancy Sacroiliac Belt?

Study 1 - Two-thirds of the women with significant back pain had sacroiliac joint dysfunction. This is crucial because treating sacroiliac joint problems varies from other low back pain reasons. Two-thirds of the women who experienced significant pain during pregnancy continued to experience backaches after giving birth. Some women continued to experience pain at least a year after giving birth. The majority of ladies who received the trochanteric belt claimed success. Sacroiliac belts are equivalent to trochanteric belts.

Study 2 - In research including 407 pregnant women, Ostgaard et al. found that wearing a non-elastic sacroiliac belt, particularly while walking, significantly reduced posterior pelvic pain in 82% of the women. They claimed that for many women with posterior pelvic discomfort, the use of a low, non-elastic sacroiliac belt was a cost-effective, risk-free method of pain treatment. (1994, Ostgaard) They advised pregnant women who had posterior pelvic pain to use non-elastic sacroiliac belts because there were no negative side effects discovered.

The effect of a sacroiliac belt on the sacroiliac joint:

  • Replaces ligaments that grow looser during pregnancy, increasing core strength and mobility.
  • Decreases muscular cramping.
  • Worn low and snugly around the hips to support the SIJ and lessen SI joint discomfort during pregnancy.
  • The sacroiliac belt can be worn below garments and is covert, breathable, and hypoallergenic.
  • The belt's entire surface is non-slip and moulds to your body.