How to Choose Support Stockings for Women

There is so much more to compression stockings than what meets the eye. If you’re new to hosiery, it seems a bit of a maze at first. So, as long as they feel comfortable, you’d see they’re good to go.

From the name itself, graduated compression stockings compress and put pressure on your legs and ankles. By reducing vein diameter, these socks help in blood flow velocity and volume. This eventually results in the faster return of deoxygenated blood back to the heart and promotes healthy blood circulation in the body.

For women, there are different types of support stockings available that improve health and at the same time look stylish on them. Let’s talk about how compression socks help in promoting wellness:

  • Reduce leg pain
  • Reduce swelling in legs and feet
  • Prevent the growth of spider veins
  • No leg pain and inflammation during pregnancy

Support Stockings Styles

Now, let’s have a look at different styles of compression stockings that you can try for carrying a stunning look:

  • Leggings: This is your favorite bottom wear to go to after a long tiring day at work. You can just slip into leggings and feel the utmost comfort.
  • Knee-high: They look like tall socks that go below your knee. You can put knee high compression stockings under yoga pants, jeans or trousers. No one will know that you have worn something under your pants. For sure, they are less restrictive as compared to other ones.
  • Pantyhose: They are sheer tights and snugly cover your legs. They are more or less like traditional pantyhose but come with compression.
  • Thigh-high: These stockings fit just above the knees. Those who suffer from varicose veins wear these thigh high compression stockings. These are highly recommended for women who require support above their knees.

Factors to Consider before Buying Support Socks

Of course, the fit of graduated compression stockings will be most important but compression level, style, type of material, and length equally play a dominant role in achieving the right fit. So, let’s throw some light on those essential aspects that help you make your buying decision:

1.  Length of Compression Hosiery

You choose the length of compression stockings depending upon the location of your symptom. For instance, if you have swollen ankles, you may need knee-high compression socks. Whereas, if you have varicose veins on the lower thigh then support tights may be a good option. And, in case you have fatigue and pain in your leg then full-length compression tight is a great choice.

2.  Communicate with your Healthcare Expert

Why do you want to wear a graduated compression stocking and what are the symptoms? You need to have answers to these questions and the best person to know this is your doctor. Since they know your medical history well, they will be able to advise you better on the best compression level to wear.

Make sure you buy compression socks made with graduated compression and not a product that does not contain mmHg or Class.

3.  Check the Size Chart

Prior to making the purchase decision, make sure to check the size chart of every product. Plan order for the size given for your measurements and do not order a bigger size as they may not fit your right.

Picking the product by shoe size is not a great idea. Leg circumference is your ideal size to go by.

4.  Choose the Best Style and Material

As compared to opaque fibers (which are stretchy) sheer fabrics can be less easy to manipulate. So, if you don’t have much mobility in your hands, arms, back, and legs then you must go for an opaque compression garment.

There are a lot of styles of compression stockings available on the market that are extra firm as well. So, you can choose the one that helps you meet your purpose of wearing them. For instance, those who have longer feet can go for open-toe designs, those with larger legs can go for wide calf designs while people with shorter legs can go with short-length options.

Using compression stockings should be easy. Put them on first thing in the morning as your legs are not as swollen as they will be at the end of the day. Try putting some talcum powder on your legs, if you get stuck while sliding them on.

Definitely, compression stockings make a simple and elegant solution that can fix so many problems for men and women both. So, what are we waiting for? Head over to Medbarn Store for beautiful collection of compression support stockings for athletes and people with a history of medical conditions that need attention.

We always put your safety and comfort first; that’s how we know that we are the best choice for all your medical supply requirements. Buying a pair of compression socks is an excellent investment for sports, work, and office use.

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