ITA-MED Elastic Abdominal Binder - Unisex, 4 Panels, 12" Wide

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Customer Reviews

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G. Carter
Five Stars

It was long enough and actually very comfortable.

Happy Elf Mom
Do you know that great feeling when your intestines stay INSIDE your body? Oh yeahhh.

I'm going to need my FOURTH stinkin' hernia surgery at some point, but until then, I'm slowly losing weight and using this product. I had an extra-large and have lost 27 pounds. Now I am using a large. I see some negative reviews... simply measuring your waist and ordering the appropriate size should make for a happier customer! I do wish you'd carry these in black or even several colours. I'm tired of looking like my underwear is hanging out under my shirt or worse, the velcro feels annoying on the skin and I wear it over my shirt and look like a dip. Oh well. I need to wear it for now so there's that. It's a great product, but I wish I didn't need it.

Tried them all

I own this 4 panel ITA-MED, also own the Men's breathable Ita-Med both in 12" and a breathable in 9". I had emergency disected desending aorta surgery 1n 2010. It left me with an abdominal hernia that is severe. Runs from my breastplate to below my billy button, plus a left side "love handle hernia". My abdominal muscles are severed..... as in I have none. First, these binders might roll or bunch dependent on your height. MY 4 PANEL DOES NOT ROLL OR BUNCH. I am 6' and the 12" 4 panel does fine, in fact not sure it could roll. Measure the size of the area you wish to cover. I also own the 12" brethable Ita-Med and wear it when I am going to be more active, such as bowling, or working in the yard. Yes, if you bend and stoop all day the "breathable model" might bunch a few times. I use the 4 panel 12" Ita-Med when sitting for longer periods (long drives, out to dinner and movie) as it is less flexible but gives more support but is also much hotter than the breathable model to wear. I sometimes wear the 9" breathable in the evening when just around the house. My life style is much inproved by these products. If you wear them 90% of the time you will want a back up as when washed they take a long time to dry. Oh....I also returned a "Brand X model",,,, you get what you pay for.

I like this product

I like this product

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