ITA-MED Arm Sling with Shoulder Immobilizer

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Customer Reviews

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R. Tanner
Five Stars

As shown and large enough that my hand did not hang out.

Perfect for a big guy

I bought this sling for my husband, who (at 6'5) is too large for the "one size fits all" slings they sell in most stores. In fact, the biggest sling in the hospital was still too small! Thankfully, this sling was big enough to fit him comfortably. He could also fit his thumb through the thumb hole, which made the sling more comfortable. The sling also has a nice padded shoulder strap so it is comfortable to wear for a long stretch of time.

Maria M. Thompson
Excellent Value.

I am using this for support and immobilization of my shoulder following surgical reattachment of the biceps tendon to repair a SLAP injury. I have now worn it for just over three days. Only the x-large was available for next-day delivery, so I crossed my fingers and went with it. We had to take up some slack in the neckstrap, but otherwise it fits quite well. I feel the support is better than the one originally provided following surgery, even though it does not have the extra waist strap. The diagonal attachment of the strap across the back definitely holds the shoulder in place. The device stays in position well and the cushioning at the neck gives good distribution of the weight of my arm, so there is less discomfort and muscle fatigue in my neck. The fabric is very comfortable, no small thing in 90 degree weather.

Thomas ll
Maxar AS-100 Arm Sling with Shoulder Immobilizer, LARGE

I recieved the Maxar AS-100 Arm Sling with Shoulder Immobilizer, LARGE, in a reasonable time frame and it was undamaged. It is very comfortable. It is white so be ready to clean it for it will show dirt faster than a darker color. That being said, the white reflects the sun light ; therefore your arm does not get too hot when the sun hits it. It is not as rigid as some other shoulder slings which adds to the comfort, but if you require absolute non movement, get the Maxar AS-300. If you are wondering about sizing, I am 5'9" tall and require the LARGE in a shoulder sling. I needed a more rigid sling so I also bought the Maxar AS-300 LARGE, and it worked out just fine.


Fractured my shoulder and the sling the ER sent me home in was uncomfortable and dug into my neck. I saw this one online and the ratings were good and the price was reasonable so I ordered it. When it arrived, I immediately wore it and noticed it was a lot more comfortable than the ER one. I did expedite the shipping though because I did not want to wait long for a regular delivery. Even with the extra charge, I still felt the price was woth it for the comfort. I did not have to wear the sling long, but I will need surgery in a month or two and I will most likely be wearing this sling again!

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