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Lumbago is a term used to describe pain in the lower back or lumbar area.

The pain involved can range from very mild to severe. Lumbago can appear at any age, and people who do heavy physical work are commonly affected. The elderly are also very susceptible to lumbago.

There are signs to look out for that may indicate the onset of lumbago. These include involuntary bowel movements and loss of bladder control. The sufferer may also begin to feel a numbness or unfamiliar tingling in the lower back. This can also occur in the area of the buttocks or the lungs.

Another warning sign of lumbago may be slight aches and pains in the leg area. This can appear in either one or both of the legs. The pain may be accompanied by a weakness in the legs, and the muscles may seem to be deteriorating.

The major symptom of lumbago is acute or chronic pain felt across the lower back. This lower back problem can sometimes be felt as far down as the thigh area. It may also be felt in the regions in-between, such as the buttocks or groin.

Another symptom of lumbago may be spasms in the back. Lumbago affects the muscles around the spine area, which can spasm. The spasms may also happen in the neck area, and lumbago sufferers often experience a stiffening of the neck.

Lumbago can be treated with back braces.

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